the Affliction trilogy

Battling to Stay Alive  &

Fighting Not to Fall In Love.

Quinn Ellery has one priority since the U.S. was quarantined from the rest of the world—stay alive. For over a year, Quinn and her cousin, River, have barricaded themselves in their remote childhood home. They have been safe from the afflicted who want to devour them alive and the decrepit society which wants to enslave them, but their seclusion is about to end with the arrival of four unwanted guests. Harry Shaw planned the perfect lads holiday before returning to London to finish his final year of university, or so he thought. When he and his three best friends miss the evacuation notice, they find themselves trapped in the rapidly decaying U.S.  After a tragic loss that has left each of them changed for life, they catch a break when they stumble upon what appears to be an abandoned house. Quinn and Harry clash as they battle to take control of their chaotic circumstance. With their attraction for each other mounting, they struggle to keep their distance and focus on the one goal they have in common—deliver the ones they love from the clutches of the Affliction. Affliction is Book One of the Affliction Trilogy.

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Is it possible a utopian society exists in the midst of complete annihilation?

Is everyone destined to be Z meal, or worse, become one of the afflicted?

Will I die a virgin?

These are questions Quinn Ellery asks herself every day since failing to get the ones she loves out of the United States and away from the Affliction. In hopes of finding a new home, Quinn must piece together clues left by the safe haven known as the Sanctuary. With dwindling ammo and food supplies, her most horrific nightmares are closer to becoming reality–everyone she loves will fall victim to the Affliction. To complicate matters further, Quinn is in love. She and Harry have overcome their differences, but a new string of obstacles threaten to tear them apart. The two are gripping on to their relationship with everything they have but battling flesh-eating Zs has a way majorly killing one’s love life.

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A life-altering virus.

The ravenous hunger of the afflicted.

A tyrant leader ruling a crumbling country.

Quinn Ellery and Harry Shaw have battled their way through hell and survived it together. Now comes the hard part-finding their normal. Life in London is a complete turnaround from the decay caused by the affliction ripping through the United States. River and the boys have been reunited with their families and now, revel in soft beds, warm showers, and gourmet meals. For the first time since falling in love, Quinn and Harry can concentrate on what is most important to them—each other. London almost feels like heaven. Almost. The brutalities Quinn and Harry left behind have found a way to haunt the new life they so desperately want to build. British Intelligence is eager to learn about the Z virus antidote and have turned Harry into their test subject. All the while, Quinn is forced to answer for the atrocities of the Sanctuary. The two find themselves being torn apart as they learn heaven can feel like hell, and the affliction can never truly be left behind.

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It is the perfect holiday until an entire country goes to hell. Harry Shaw is out to create a memorable lads holiday with his best mates. But when a deadly virus rapidly sweeps the land, America quarantines itself from the rest of the world, trapping the five men within its borders. Searching for a way home, scavaging for food, and fighting zombies–this is not what Harry had in mind when he planned on rough it. FORSAKEN is the prequel to the AFFLICTION TRILOGY.

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Affliction Reviews and Awards

The point remains that while the list of zombie stories spans on and on, the theme of zombie-romance is rarer. Luckily for you, Affliction tackles both themes perfectly. Congrats to Crystal J Johnson for seamlessly weaving together infection and infatuation!”
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Other Books

Raelle is destined to be the first queen of her kind until she risks her crown and trusts her enemy to save her father.

Although one of the powerless amongst a people who can bend nature to their will, Raelle Mansi is to be the next Lucent queen-the one who will end the ongoing war with the Stygian kingdom. But when she discovers the Stygian queen is holding her father for ransom, she abandons her duties to rescue him. Knowing she cannot take down an entire kingdom on her own, Raelle seeks her father’s soldiers only to find them under the leadership of a handsome and menacing Stygian warrior. With no other choice, she must trust her enemy and resist his overwhelming allure to make her family whole and keep her crown.

The perfect life is never what it seems.

A.J. Carmichael’s life is the stuff of dreams.
Her boyfriend is an award-winning pop superstar, she just landed an internship with the most sought-after stage designer in the music industry, and she’s spending the summer traveling the world. But A.J. will be the first to tell you the perfect life is never what it seems.

A.J.’s plans to spend the summer touring with her boyfriend, Asher Prescott, fall apart when her father persuades her to take an internship with his company. Building concert stages was never part of her plans, but now she is touring with the biggest band in the world–The Remnants. Only one problem, Asher and frontman, Kade Slone, have a hidden feud that not even A.J. knows about.

Propelled into the middle of their quarrel, A.J. is determined to discover the driving force behind Kade’s disdain for her boyfriend. But as the mysteries of their mutual hatred come to light, she learns truths that have her questioning her relationship, her family, and everything she thought she knew about Kade Slone.

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The river does more than almost take her life, it steals the past seven years of her memories.

After Delaney Alvarez is found unconscious on the banks of the Clinch River, she discovers that nothing is as she remembers–her parents are older, her little sister a teenager, and her best friend a total heartthrob. As she struggles to recall her past, Delaney is given a glimpse into her future. A mysterious letter with the first names of two boys. One is her soulmate and the other will take her life.

Now, Delaney must sacrifice her past to redesign her fate.

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When Rylan Walker wakes up almost 25 years in the past, the only explanation she has is that it’s a vivid dream.

But when her eyes open the next morning and she’s transported back into the American Civil War, she knows it is real. She is utterly lost; the only familiar face is that of a handsome stranger she’d met the day before.

Rylan must unlock the secrets of her new reality, and fast…before she runs out of time.

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The daughter of one of the most influential-and corrupt-businessmen of the 21st century, Ella Carrington has had it all, but she knows riches and material things don’t truly amount to anything. That’s why she has constructed a simple, worry-free, comfortable college life that she is determined to maintain, no matter what.

Until she finds an ancient locket and a wish-granting god literally falls from the sky.

Calix is destined to become the next ruler of Edenis, the dimension of the gods, but he must first complete his Sovereign’s Quest by serving his human master. There is just one major problem: Ella has no intentions of using his magic and indulging in the things of her past.

As Ella grows closer to Calix and their relationship deepens, she is faced with the soul-splitting decision of compromising her principles to save the god from an eternity of nothingness, or allowing the sins of the father to condemn Calix to the locket forever.

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Maddie Spence had big plans her final year of high school–this was to be the year that she conquered her fears and learned to be comfortable in her own skin. But when COVID-19 takes the world by storm and a “safer at home” order is put in place, her dream of the ideal senior year falls apart.

No prom, no graduation, no telling Dalton Gray that she’s had a crush on him since freshman year.

After a less than exciting virtual graduation ceremony, Maddie regrets not taking advantage of the short time she had with her classmates. But when she wakes up the next morning to find it’s the first day of senior year all over again, she swears to live this make over to its fullest.

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Temptation has never been this deadly.

Between living with her over-protective brother, and working long shifts at a diner, Lexie has no time for a social life, leaving her clueless when it comes to the opposite sex.

But her sheltered life changes drastically when she meets Declan Cain.

He seems to have it all—fast cars, flashy house, killer looks. And Lexie is instantly drawn to him, yet her inexperience with men makes her hesitate. Little does she know her slight hesitation puts in motion an insatiable obsession.

Declan isn’t who—or what—he pretends to be. He’s not from this world, and there’s a war raging inside him, a battle between good and evil. His predatory instincts make him impossible to resist—which is why Lexie’s rejection ignites a craving too strong to control. 

But Declan can’t succumb to the temptation. If he loses his fight against the darkness he carries around inside him, it’s not just Lexie’s life that’s at risk…but an entire realm’s fate hangs in the balance.

Bearing a mark of shame and outcasted from Hades, Ezra Lennox is forced to make his new home in the human realm. His days are spent acquiring art for the prestigious Cain Gallery, and his nights indulging in the Chicago nightlife. To the human eye, he appears as the ultimate playboy who has it all, but luxuries, alcohol, and sex could never truly appease him. Ezra seeks his revenge and only the Demon King’s head will suffice.

Evangeline Harper trained her entire life to be one of the esteemed Elysium Guards, but her placement is far from the honor found protecting the angelic realm. She lives among the humans in a rundown apartment with her only companion, a German Shepherd named Gordo. Eve bides her time as a receptionist at a local art gallery to make ends meet while she waits for her angelic bond to set in with a human. But her mundane life is about to be turned upside down when she is confronted with a foulmouthed imp.

Ezra and Eve collide, forced to put aside their hatred to fight for the safety of their loved ones. For all their snarky wit and otherworldly abilities, even they can’t foresee the storm that is brewing on the horizon. A storm that, if not quelled, could reduce their lives and everyone in them to rubble. There’s a raging battle between love and hate… and surrendering to love could save us all.


Crystal J. Johnson is the co-author of EDGE OF THE VEIL and a Wattpad Star and Featured Author with almost a million reads on the publishing platform.

She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, where she lives with her family and their multitude of rescued animals. She considers herself a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream connoisseur, and she has a slight obsession with infectious songs sang by boybands.