Sanctuary by Crystal J. Johnson

Is it possible a utopian society exists in the midst of complete annihilation?

Is everyone destined to be Z meal, or worse, become one of the afflicted?

Will I die a virgin?

These are questions Quinn Ellery asks herself every day since failing to get the ones she loves out of the United States and away from the Affliction. In hopes of finding a new home, Quinn must piece together clues left by the safe haven known as the Sanctuary. With dwindling ammo and food supplies, her most horrific nightmares are closer to becoming reality–everyone she loves will fall victim to the Affliction. To complicate matters further, Quinn is in love. She and Harry have overcome their differences, but a new string of obstacles threaten to tear them apart. The two are gripping on to their relationship with everything they have but battling flesh-eating Zs has a way majorly killing one’s love life.