Insurrection by Crystal J. Johnson

A life-altering virus.

The ravenous hunger of the afflicted.

A tyrant leader ruling a crumbling country.

Quinn Ellery and Harry Shaw have battled their way through hell and survived it together. Now comes the hard part-—finding their normal. Life in London is a complete turnaround from the decay caused by the affliction ripping through the United States. River and the boys have been reunited with their families and now, revel in soft beds, warm showers, and gourmet meals. For the first time since falling in love, Quinn and Harry can concentrate on what is most important to them—each other. London almost feels like heaven. Almost. The brutalities Quinn and Harry left behind have found a way to haunt the new life they so desperately want to build. British Intelligence is eager to learn about the Z virus antidote and have turned Harry into their test subject. All the while, Quinn is forced to answer for the atrocities of the Sanctuary. The two find themselves being torn apart as they learn heaven can feel like hell, and the affliction can never truly be left behind.