Kept in the Dark

Kept in the Dark


Life has never been normal for Vai Stockton. Her father’s fame as a legendary rock star has meant growing up in the public eye. Wild parties, sex, and drugs—she has done it all with cameras flashing, and now that she’s in her last semester of college, she’s ready to ditch her old ways.

Joining her father on tour was supposed to be a new start for Vai, setting her down a path of being a ‘good girl.’ That is until a one-night stand with a mystery man in a Ghostface mask sends her life spiraling in a new and dangerous way.

Jagger Knox is obsessed with one person: Vai Stockton. He’s always kept her in his sights, watching from a distance. But that all changes the night of the masquerade party when he seizes his chance to touch her for the first time.

One night of fun has led to a series of alarming letters from a stalker, and Vai is placed under the watchful eye of her smoking hot bodyguard, Greyson. But despite all the precautions taken to keep her safe, they are not enough to keep away the masked stranger who finds his way into her room every night.

And Vai was never really that interested in being good anyway.

**This new edition of this dark paranormal romance novella will include two never-read, bonus chapters.