Wish by Crystal J. Johnson and Felicity Vaughn

The daughter of one of the most influential-and corrupt-businessmen of the 21st century, Ella Carrington has had it all, but she knows riches and material things don’t truly amount to anything. That’s why she has constructed a simple, worry-free, comfortable college life that she is determined to maintain, no matter what.

Until she finds an ancient locket and a wish-granting god literally falls from the sky.

Calix is destined to become the next ruler of Edenis, the dimension of the gods, but he must first complete his Sovereign’s Quest by serving his human master. There is just one major problem: Ella has no intentions of using his magic and indulging in the things of her past.

As Ella grows closer to Calix and their relationship deepens, she is faced with the soul-splitting decision of compromising her principles to save the god from an eternity of nothingness, or allowing the sins of the father to condemn Calix to the locket forever.