Affliction by Crystal J. Johns

Battling to Stay Alive & Fighting Not to Fall In Love.

Quinn Ellery has one priority since the U.S. was quarantined from the rest of the world—stay alive. For over a year, Quinn and her cousin, River, have barricaded themselves in their remote childhood home. They have been safe from the afflicted who want to devour them alive and the decrepit society which wants to enslave them, but their seclusion is about to end with the arrival of four unwanted guests. Harry Shaw planned the perfect lads holiday before returning to London to finish his final year of university, or so he thought. When he and his three best friends miss the evacuation notice, they find themselves trapped in the rapidly decaying U.S.  After a tragic loss that has left each of them changed for life, they catch a break when they stumble upon what appears to be an abandoned house. Quinn and Harry clash as they battle to take control of their chaotic circumstance. With their attraction for each other mounting, they struggle to keep their distance and focus on the one goal they have in common—deliver the ones they love from the clutches of the Affliction. Affliction is Book One of the Affliction Trilogy.