Affliction by Crystal J. Johns

Battling to Stay Alive Fighting Not to Fall In Love.

Quinn Ellery has one priority since the continent quarantined itself from the rest of the world—stay alive.

For over a year, she and her cousin River have done just that by barricading themselves inside their childhood home. Armed with weapons and a stockpile of food, they have survived those afflicted by the Z virus and the decaying society which wants to enslave them. But a new threat emerges when Ryland Shaw and his three friends break into their house.

Now, one of them is dying on her livingroom floor.

With no other choice, Quinn agrees to help the men, hoping to get them quickly on their way again. She finds herself in a battle of the wills with Ryland as they embark on a dangerous mission to find the medicine that can save his friend’s life. But with each passing day, frustration transforms into an undeniable chemistry.

Quinn knows only one thing is more dangerous than a Z—a stubborn, handsome distraction.

AFFLICTION is Book One in the Affliction Trilogy.

Trigger/Content Warning: Physical Violence, Sexual Assault, and Gun Use.